ELGAWA SUPPLIES ON- GRID SOLAR SYSTEMS: Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy source we have on earth. When the sun rays fall onto the solar panels, these solar panels generate electrical energy that can be used… read more

Medical supplies

ELGAWA SELLS MEDICAL CONSUMABLES ARTICLES FROM TWO SUPPLIERS: Bayer/Parker en Tianrun Medical/T-run WE CAN PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING MEDICAL CONSUMABLES ARTICLES: Ultrasound gel Sterile Ultrasound gel ECG Gel ECG Spray ECG electrode Dual Syringes for Injector systems Latex exam… read more


ELGAWA SELLS SCALES OF THE CARDINAL AND T-SCALE BRANDS WE CAN PROVIDE SCALES FOR ANY INDUSTRY: Butcheries Small and large production companies Rice companies Hospitals and private clinics Catering industry THE WELL-KNOWN MODELS OF SCALES WE CAN PROVIDE… read more

Electric cabinets

ELGAWA OFFERS VARIOUS ELECTRIC CABINETS: Halyester Halyester is a modular low-voltage switching and distribution system that can be installed inside or outside. It has been designed as a fully insulated system for the safety of the operator and… read more

Electric motors

DO YOU WANT TO BUY AN ELECTRIC MOTOR? We are happy to assist you in selecting a new replacement electric motor. Elgawa offers 1-, 2- and 3-phase electric motors Our electric motors are available in 110/220 or 460 volts We offer… read more


IN SURINAME, EVERY BUILDING NEEDS TO HAVE A PUMP INSTALLATION. Elgawa sells water pumps of the VITA brand. These pumps are available in the following sizes: 0.5 hp 1 hp The fully copper windings provide maximum and reliable… read more


ELGAWA OFFERS ELECTRIC AND SOLAR BOILERS Elgawa sells electric and solar boilers Our 220V solar boilers are available in 150 and 300 liters. It saves energy costs and is also environmental-friendly Our electric boilers are available in 60,80 and 100 liters, and come in both 110… read more


ELGAWA HAS FOR YOU: MINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKERS Circuit Breakers LTP, LTS, LVN, LTN-UC, LST-DC are intended for overvoltage protection in installations in residences, buildings and industrial structures with nominal currents of 6A to 125A, to be sub-divided in 1P to 4P with fast and slow capacity,… read more


ELGAWA SELLS GENERATORS OF THE GENERAC BRAND Make sure you never run out of power. Elgawa supplies the Generac EcoGen – the only automatic standby generator. It is specially designed and guaranteed for off-grid use with an alternative energy system…. read more


ELGAWA HAS A VERY WIDE RANGE OF HIGH QUALITY CABLES. We have been supplying high quality electrical cables in various sizes and diameters for years. The right cable is also supplied for every project, in the desired length…. read more