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Circuit Breakers LTP, LTS, LVN, LTN-UC, LST-DC are intended for overvoltage protection in installations in residences, buildings and industrial structures with nominal currents of 6A to 125A, to be sub-divided in 1P to 4P with fast and slow capacity, and are available in types B and C.


Residual-current power switches LFE, LFN, OFI and residual current switches with overcurrent protection OLE/OLI are intended for protection against dangerous contact with parts that are energised or not and against fire. The residual-current switches with OLE/OLI overcurrent protection also provide overcurrent protection. The group contains devices that limit the number of unwanted cross fault (type G) and make selective enabling possible. All residual-current interrupters are standard connected by connecting busbars with LTP and LTS power switches.

Elgawa offers a large assortment of breakers of the OEZ brand


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