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Elgawa offers various electric cabinets:


Halyester is a modular low-voltage switching and distribution system that can be installed inside or outside. It has been designed as a fully insulated system for the safety of the operator and was type- tested according to EN-IEC 60439-1.

Halyester Systems

Due to the excellent mechanical and electrical properties of the plastic cabinets, Halyester systems are very durable, even under the harsh conditions of refineries, chemical companies and heavy industry.

Switchboards can be assembled for power fields up to 1600 A and rail currents with a maximum of 1500 A. The maximum short-circuit current of the rail system is 50 kA - 1s and the limit peak current with a maximum of 110 kA. Due to the high safety of the (fully isolated) Halyester systems, no separate switchrooms or buildings are required. The covers can be locked with a padlock to prevent unauthorized switching on and off. Halyester systems can be very compactly assembled, requiring a minimum floor area. In addition, they can be fully aligned with the technical requirements that modern office buildings, greenhouses, warehouses, factories, food processing companies and many other locations need to meet.

Halyester cabinets are available in the following types:

  • Empty cabinets
  • Breakers boxes
  • Power switch boxes
  • Security switch boxes


IDE cabinets:

Elgawa also offers breaker boxes of the Ide brand in different sizes.

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